Features Overview

Full shopping experience happens inside the video player, from the banner before, during or after a video.
Infinitely scalable across the web. 


Multiproduct Ad

Multi-product ads enable businesses to showcase three products or more products within a single video ad unit, on desktop or mobile.

Universal Shopping Cart.png

Universal Shopping Cart

Any product, added from our Dashboard or served as an Ad, already includes the Universal Shopping Cart.

Shopbeam’s unified platform makes, websites, ads and content shoppable, seamlessly.


No IT integration

Featuring a next gen Pass-Through model that allows you to operate rich shopping experiences with no complex payments responsibility or inventory and order management. 

The Pass-Through model allows the same functionality and feature set to be available for thousands of supported merchants. This helps our publisher partners to focus on their products and app experiences while Shopbeam removes the complexity of automating order placing and increasing the conversion rate.


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